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Hello newcomer by Shadazetrapp Hello newcomer by Shadazetrapp
My older sister got a puppy and I'm scared she'll eat the dolls so their all up in my room hence the new background. (It's just a mat)
Shadow's age in story is 17

                                                                                                                Hello newcomer 

      It’s Shadow’s first day at a new high school from getting expelled from the previous ones in the district. He’s never been the social type and usually get into fights to solve his problems. Today was like every other day, he just doesn’t care at all until one of his new foster parents woke him up, he just got angrier. After five minutes of just laying in bed he got dressed, made breakfast, and walked out the door. After a thirty minute walk to school he got sidetracked and forgot his schedule at home. His foster parents have left for work and the house was locked. Shadow being Shadow he left his window open because he likes the fresh air in his room and transformed into a bat to get into his room. After another thirty minutes he filled his bag with his things and left. 
     It was second hour when he finally got to school, the principle was waiting for him by her horse by the main entrance. 
“ Um....hello?” Said Shadow.
“ Hello Shadow, I’ve been waiting for you.”
“ That’s kind of creepy.”
“ Well Draculaura will be your escort for this week until you get used to your schedule.”
“ Oh the thing I almost left at home.”
“ I will check on you every now and again.”
“ Ok?”
As Shadow watches her ride her horse into the school he thought to himself he didn’t get her name but that didn’t matter that much to him as how the horse fits into the school and why it’s purple. After some time of just wondering around the halls he hears some voices.
“ Is that Valentine?”
“ No it can’t be he wouldn’t be seen dead wearing “that”.”
“ He could of changed his ways form falling into the pit of eternal body odor.”
“ Unlikely Frankie”
“ You guys going to stop talking behind my back?”
“ Definitely not Valentine.”
“ Hush Cleo. My names Draculaura, and you are?”
“ Shadow”
“ Well it’s always nice to see a new face.”

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